Seneschal: Sir Marek Viachedrago

Deputy: Vacant

Exchequer: Lady Ro’is inghean u ‘Dhubhsla’ine

   Deputy: Vacant

Newcomers and Outreach

Chatelaine: Lady Brienne, the Scorned

Deputy: Vacant

Martial Activities

Knight Marshal: Baron Willem Mac Lear

Deputy: Vacant

Archery Marshal: Lord Cedric of Lothian

Deputy: Vacant

Fencing Marshal: Baron 
Ichijo Honen

Arts and Sciences

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Mary

Deputy: Vacant


Heraldric Activities

Herald/Onyx Pursuivant: Baron Michael Langley of Riversmeet

Deputy: Vacant



Chronicler: THL Erzebet Fauconneau


Webminister: Master Alaxandair O’Conchobhair

Deputy: Mistress Maria Christina de Cordoba

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